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Hi All,

I have a problem: If I switch the right indicator it kills the fuse after a few seconds. (but only in case of RIGHT). Is it some grounding problem at the battery?..


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hi petrich
more likely a faulty globeholder ...or wiring, going to one of the indicators .

but please note ...if you have a broken filament in one of the globes ....a similar result might happen drawing too many amps current

it isnt hard to pull those things apart and get to the bottom of the issue .....personally i would be looking for a spring behind the insulator that has come out of place and shorting the ground to the positive power cable in one of the indicators ...but all will be explained and discounted if a an proper inspection happens

but strangely we have seen crushed cables going to various sections of the bike ..under things, like washers on other bits of hardware ...

best thing i could suggest you do is ..remove one of the globes on that side and see if it still happens....then the will cost you possibly 2 fuses ...should it still happens with both globes removed are definatly looking for a short in the hardware some where ... i had a similar issue with my tail light after i aquired my bike ..easliy resolved ..with a good inspection and observation skills

another friend found cables clamped-crushed under a washer to the rear shock absorber along the frame to the rear lamps assembly ....problem was it was intermittent ...

good luck

and welcome aboard

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