BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Just some pics. The first one is the frame post prang, without mods.

Some home made sidecar pics.  P2120311

The second shot shows how the radiator shroud was pushed back by the top front mounting arm but miraculously didn't get as far as the radiator itself. The main fairing piece is damaged with some cracks and at the mounting points as usual, but is repairable, I believe. Anyone wants to come and grab it they can have it for nix as I have another spare.

Some home made sidecar pics.  P2120312

My mate Harry, a boilermaker, helping me out.

Some home made sidecar pics.  P2190310

New cross piece. Thicker diameter pipe with thicker wall. The mounting points for the sidecar fuselage are engine mounts from an old Toyota.

Some home made sidecar pics.  P3260310

Piece welded in to strengthen the front arm.

Some home made sidecar pics.  P4160411

Two corner pieces added for enhanced rigidity and strength.

Some home made sidecar pics.  P4160412
Thought I had a few more photos but can't find them at the moment. Anyway, these might be useful for someone.


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