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Morning all. I am currently nakedising my old RT and I have swapped the handle bars for a smaller pair.
Here is the conversation with Motorworks.

Hi there,
Okay I think the one to suit you is :-
Stainless steel Goodridge brake hose upper ( K75 / K100 8 valve non ABS standard handlebars pre 08 /1991 ) | BRA41040 | CBD03 £24.00 inc VAT
[click for larger image of Stainless steel Goodridge brake hose upper ( K75 / K100 8 valve non ABS standard handlebars pre 08 /1991 )]
This is for bikes with standard handlebars which are usually found on the naked Ks.and includes the 2 banjo bolts and sealing washers. Don't compromise your brakes. Fit Goodridge. Fit the best.Goodridge performance brakelines offer sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances..
Free Stock: 3
it is 185mm long approx centre to centre on the banjos.
The BMW rubber one for the bikes frame number you supplied is 34321451569 at 165mm long which we can special order in for you £22.52 inc vat
I would fit the Goodridge one myself.
Sales Department

From: Ross
Sent: 17 July 2012 04:09
To: Email
Subject: RE: Brake hose not listed
Thanks for the reply.
The bike it is going on is an 1986 RT, however I have swapped the handlebars for a smaller pair and now the brake line from the reservoir to the steering head is too long.
The details of the bike the bars came from are a 3/86 model, frame number: 0009117 K100
Compliance number 550202.
Thank you

To: rossco
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 11:55:16 +0100
Subject: RE: Brake hose not listed
That one is only listed for USA spec bikes so do you have your vehicle frame number so we can check it for you?
Are you in the USA?

From: Ross Co
Sent: 14 July 2012 08:49
To: Email
Subject: Brake hose not listed
Hi, I am after part number 34322310117 which is the 217mm front brake hose for a K100. This part is not listed on your site.
Is it available and if so how much and how would I order one?

So, from what I can tell I have myself a set of Standard C bars. I measured them and came up with this as per a post by Inge
Type Tip to tip Setback
Standard(C) 25" 7"

My current hose (249mm) is bent like a horseshoe to fit and I figured the 217mm hose would be just fine.
I guess I could just wait till i get it all back together and take out a tape to measure it, but that would not be any fun for anyone.


1986 K100RT VIN 0093801K100RT with summer fairing for a northern visitor

Basic/2 6308802K100CJ  05/1988

K1100RS 0194321

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