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Hi all, I plonked this at the bottom of another posrt, and think it might get lost along the way, so I've cut and pasted it on a new one and voila!(some of the info about the links were tied in with the original riser post)

Can I ask a newbie/ numpty question, are the bolt spacings standard across different makes, I've found some that move the bars up 30mm and back 22mm but didn't specify any make (that they fit)

I've emailed the company so it depends if they can be bothered/ are able to get the tape measure out!

I emailed the cycle link listed above, but they haven't replied to either of my emails, so lost confidence in them, and the red luna weren't happy to say if it would fit the RS and to check with a dealer (they did reply which was nice)

Ta muchly


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RicK G

RicK G
AFAIK right up the end of the K1100 they were the same. I do know the R80RT I had is the same as the K75/100/1100.

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