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sidecar paul

sidecar paul
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Life time member
I recently bought a headlight unit from e-bay as a spare. Cheap enough at £10, but, as expected, it was pretty grubby and was probably from a bike that had been standing outside for several years.

So I pulled it all apart to give it a good scrub in the sink with washing-up liquid and a toothbrush. It occured to me that maybe someone might want to dismantle a headlight unit at some stage of restoration, so on re-assembly I photographed the process.

Bearing that in mind, I'll use the pics to explain how to DISMANTLE the unit.

Firstly lever off the 6 spring clips that retain the glass and remove the glass.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0221

Then remove the sealing rubber and the pilot bulb 'reflector', which is held by 2 Phillips screws.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0222

Next, unclip the grey plastic clip at the top left of the main reflector.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0223

Now, looking at the back of the unit, unscrew the horizontal adjustment knob (top left).....

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0224

....until it releases the top reflector fixing.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0225

You will now be able to pull out the top reflector fixing and pull the ball from it's socket at the lower left reflector fixing, releasing the reflector.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0226

Unscrew the vertical adjustment knob and remove the cam assembly (which may be used to lower the beam when carrying a passenger). This allows the ball bracket to slide out of it's slot. Below the bracket is a spring which sits in a nylon bush.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0227

The vertical adjusting screw is held in position by a nylon clip, below the clip is a spring which sits in a metal cup washer. On re-assembly I found that a piece of metal tube was necessary to push the clip back into place.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0228

And here are all the bits ready to be put back together.

The RS & RT headlight unit. Sam_0229

You will notice the folly of the PO using a 10W halogen bulb as a pilot light, the plastic 'reflector' is well melted. (Not a problem for me as, if I ever need to use this unit, I would have LEDs in there)


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RicK G

RicK G
One very important thing is that on reassembly make absolutely sure that when you clip the glass back onto the reflector that you put the clip onto the glass and clip it over the plastic. If you do it by clipping onto the glass then you can very easy to break the glass. Don't ask how I know, suffice to know it was very expensive.

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