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To finish respray of LH mirror pod I need to remove the actual glass mirror, I cant see how you get it out without breaking it!
The front half is off, repaired and repainted, this half is repaired and ready for paint but you cant just mask the mirror as the paint wont get in around it and then be able to be cut and polished!

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Have you taken the pod off the fairing? These are designed to fall off in a prang and can be pulled off.
The pod is a two piece affair and is usually glued together. If you're lucky, the PO will have done it with silicone sealant and it will be easier to get apart. Basically you just have to very carefully prise it apart...some here will probably know a good way.
Once you get the pod apart you'll see the actual mirror is a ball and housing set up and just clicks into place.


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hi bill ....heres an answer ,,,of sorts

fifst make a couple of longish cable ties into a loop ... total length 300 odd millameters

next put each loop fore and aft around the mirror assembly and work the ties up towards the pivot behind the mirror glass to form a couple of handles that you can put your hand through and grip

spray the mirror pivot (behind the glass) with some rp7 wd 40 ...etc lubricate the joint , moove / pivot the mirror arround in its housing to confirm that the lubricant has worked .

holding the mirror assembly in the left hand, grasp the loop of the ties together with the right hand ...and sharply pull against the pivot

pop, the glass and mount will give way from the base ..(really easily) just be carefull to do this over a carpeted floor the assembly cant hit something as it falls away and break the glass .

i have done this many times now with success

hope you get it out mate ....cheers

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