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Life time member
G'day All ,
I was thinking about putting my stock fork springs back into my bike , went through the parts bin & I found the 4 springs ( my bike had the divided spring with a spacing tube ) but I'm missing 4 of the plastic spring bearings ( the plastic end bit for each spring half ) and both of the spacing tubes , I can fabricate the spacing tubes if I knew the correct length , from memory they were approx 100mm , anybody know ? , also if anyone has a few spring bearings I could buy that would also be splendid .

my model details are 1987 KRS with brembo fork , I read through the repair manual online for the forks , image 24931038 in the fork section has the details

Thanks in advance


Melbourne Australia

Diamond Grey ( 617 ) 1987 K100RS ( European Delivery ) Original owner

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