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George R

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active member
Following on from Ajay's post about the above, I have just replaced the oil sight glass using a slightly different method which does not require drills or broken plastic or oil ontamination. Wait until service is due then drop the oil then the filter as usual. If you look from underneath, from the left side of bike through the sump you will see the oil sight glass on the right sump wall. With a long screwdriver or preferably the small end of a 1/4 inch extension, hit the the glass (may need a rap from a light hammer if tight). It will pop out without damage. Thoroughly clean the recess then a very light coat of dreibond on the seal. then push home with the appropriate socket. Wait 12 hours to cure then refill with new oil. Job done: no possibility of contamination. The other purpose of the oil sight glass is if there is a high over pressure in the lower half of the engine, that pressure has a method of release.

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Good to know George. Thanks for posting.


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klompy the grey brick

klompy the grey brick
That sounds way easy and quite logical George.

Looking forward to doing next time.

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