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our young shawnii just rang to find out whilst on his big southern adventure trip ...(about newcastle )

im sure it was the call that sparked an embarasment, ,cause i asked him to call back ....after i found my newly aquired headlight .

for seanii ,,,of corse that rotten clip went straight in and cliped home and all is good ...after he called me the first time ...giggles........ he called back to confirm the success

must be a day for weird happenings .....huh ? 21-12-12 (mayan calender and all that) .

but maybe we can learn form the experience

so heres the dirt

globe situated correctly ....notice largest tab at about 1.15 - 1.30 o'clock and in line with the central lug for the headlight electrical connection .

how does one change the headlight globe  Globe_10

sit the clip near verticle with the verticle finger tabs ....the seating (horizontal tabs ) should be near 8.45 and 2.45 before attempting to push it in with a rotation to the right .....

how does one change the headlight globe  Start_10

finally home with a twist of the wrist

how does one change the headlight globe  Home_p10

all done !!!!!

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

'86 K100 RT..#0090401 ..."Gerty" ( Gertrude Von Clickandshift ) --------O%Ohow does one change the headlight globe  Au-log10

'86 k100 rs.. #######..  "Fred " (f(rame) red ) ( Fredrick leichtundschnell ) - -
bits and pieces from many kind friends across the k100 world ...with many thanks ..

klompy the grey brick

klompy the grey brick
An interesting aside.....whilst I was trying to work out why my my low beam was missing in action ( as a result of electrical issues in the switch block) anyhow I had occasion to change a number of bulbs to isolate that prospect, so I got quite good at it but the rubber water preventative ( prophalactis headlightus) cover was a bugger to get back in place so I discovered that if you face the front of the fairing and hold the rubber in both hands around the fairing and stretched and applied went straight on.

Would provide a picture but it looks totally inappropriate and tantamount to imagination may be best.

KKlompy how does one change the headlight globe  2854237993
"Grace" 1984 K100RS Silver VIN 0019026 Mitt eine Staintune Zorst.
"Olivia" 1997 K1100LT Dark Grey VIN WB1052600W0237453.

Chassis number0019026
Vehicle code0503
ModelK 100 RS 83 (0502 ( 0503 )
Body typeK 100 RS 83 (0502
Catalog modelECE
Production date1984 / 07

how does one change the headlight globe  Au-log10


Inge K.

Inge K.
Good one, Charlie.........since a question about this shows up now and then,
I think it should be moved to the "how to" section....

Inge K.
K100RS -86. (first owner), K1100LTSE -94.

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