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Here's a list of bits am selling of the BMW K100rt am breaking, if your looking for
any bits you can email me at

i have taken a pic of the parts listed below and can email it to you if required the
engine is still in the frame but will taken out soon


BMW K100rt Starter Motor
BMW K100rt Alternator Cover
BMW K100rt Bosch Alternator
BMW K100rt Pair of Coils 1&4 2&3 Working
BMW K100rt Ignition Coil Cover
BMW K100rt Front wheel
BMW K100rt Rear Wheel
BMW K100rt Forks
BMW K100rt Engine with injectors
BMW K100rt - Bosch Air Flow Meter
BMW k100rt Bosch Ignition Control Unit
BMW K100rt Bosch Injection Control Unit
BMW K100rt Bosch Headlight


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