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Hi, I wanted to put an aftermarket exhaust on my bike, with the muffler of my choice, I have been searching and found a couple threads, but nothing of an exact how to on making a collector.... Im thinking the easiest thing to do is gonna be to hack up the original collector and make one out of that, It seems to me if someone were to make some of these they wouldnt have any trouble selling them, I mean i would love to be able to put the muffler of my choice on this bike,

Anyone with past experience i would really appreciate a chime in, Im thinking about just taking it down to a local exhaust shop and seeing what they say, but then again i do have a budget, Thanks as always this site is AWESOME!


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hi excorcist

there have been a few manufacturers of collector systems in the distant past ...but if you look hard enough you will find one pre made .

i seem to remember seeing a few that were in production that had equall length headers etc .....

be carefull , the standard bmw muffler is sneaky as much as it has internal extensions to the headers before the baffling starts equalize the lengths

im sure someone will chime in with the names that i'm thinking of .... USA in particular

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