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I recently bought a pair of home-made lowered footpegs from James Sherlock. They came off a K1 he's breaking and if you've ridden a K1 you may appreciate why someone went to the trouble.

To begin with, these pegs are steel whereas the ones on my K1 are aluminium. Then the cut and welding job was not very pretty but as the bike had been in use until being broken I reasoned that they might just ease the problem of getting my feet up that last inch or so.

After some fairly aggressive action with an angle-grinder, files and a wire brush I treated them to a squirt of paint and new stainless pins. I've re-used the slightly scruffy rubbers for now, if the pegs do the job I'll swap them in time:

Lowered Footpegs K1%20BMW%20%28354%29-L


Lowered Footpegs K1%20BMW%20%28363%29-L

There's plenty of scope for adjustment on the K1 gear linkage (other than just moving the lever on the splines). After:

Lowered Footpegs K1%20BMW%20%28364%29-L

I haven't had a chance to test ride the bike yet, it's hosing down here and my K1 is unashamedly a garage queen but it feels better.

There are a couple of issues. First is that the brake pedal has limited adjustment and with it at the lowest possible point it's still a bit too high for real comfort. I'm going to hunt for a second-hand one to see if it's possible to modify it. It's not a massive problem as I rarely use the rear brake.

The second issue is that the top of the side stand sticks up under my left foot making gear changes difficult. The solution (at present) is that I've cut it down. Now it's too short to flick it out without using my heel to hook the peg back first but it's just a case of changing my usual habit.

Lowered Footpegs K1%20BMW%20%28365%29-L

I've got a couple of spare side-stands so I can easily put it all back as it was if need be.

I also bought the last Multivario K1 tank-bag held by BMW(GB) the other day so while I was playing with the K1, I fitted the two clips that attach to the tank to take the side straps.

Lowered Footpegs K1%20BMW%20%28358%29-L

Just the base of the bag alone will give me somewhere to stow the paraphernalia that I usually drag about with me these days.

Lowered Footpegs K1%20BMW%20%28360%29-L

My local dealer (Ocean Plymouth) are always Lowered Footpegs 112350 good to me and I got the bag at a very, very reasonable price.


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Well those footpegs certainly don't look rough now Mike, congrats on the tank bag - that was a nice find.

Re the rear brke pedal you may be able to adjust the angle on one by bending it slightly using the technique prescribed by Moto smith in his thread on foring aluminium.I have used this technique to great effect for straightening a bent brake pedal after a drop.

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Thanks a lot for the excellent link. I was thinking of heat and bending and that gives me more confidence about doing so.



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