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I think I know what caused this but being new owner to this 20 years old machine and also I have not noticed it before..

This morning I started the bike, its always on the centre stand when parked and I let it run for a couple of minutes, nothing new there, and nothing to worry about as it was ticking away very smoothly like a finely tuned singer sewing machine.

I turned it off and walked about the shed then looked back and noticed a few puddles of water about 2" across on the concrete floor directly under the front of the header exhaust pipes and also they were running in line with the pipe.

I got down on my back and looked up under and you could see a small path of water running along the exhaust pipe and going back to the join in the about half way along.

So I gather this is condensation within the pipe and one reason not to run the engine for a short period of time? Y/N
Maybe I should of warmed it up more which in turn would get the pipe hot and burn away the water??

Is it something else that needs further attention? and should I pull off the exhaust system and apply some type of sealer to the join or is it better to let this happen and get the water out of the pipe...

Just wondering your thoughts...


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Rick G

Rick G
If it is just water then I would not be concerned. certainly sounds like condensation and the exhausts are all stainless so not too much chance of corrosion. Maybe it needs some house training.

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I just went back home, started it up again and lied down beside the bike and watched and it is definitely coming out of the join from the header pipes to the collector box, just dripping at first but not as much this time.
I then wound up the throttle and let it run up to half temp on the gauge and all the dripping stopped during this time.

It is not the coolant as that is bright green and no drop in the reserve tank.

I have not washed the bike at all and not ridden in rain so all I can put it down it is that I have been starting the bike for short intervals over the last two weeks while searching for my wiring issues and maybe condensation from the exhaust built up and collected during this time.

Anyway I will watch it and see if it continues...

It needs not so much the house training but more the road registration and a bloody good ride up over the border and back, but I am working on that!!

many thanks for the reply and reassurance, good to know about the stainless pipe fitted.


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