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I know that this topic has been covered before and many solutions have been found, but mine may be a little different.
As is usual my steering damper on the K100RS 16 valve was knackered. There may have still been some oil in it, but I could not see how to dismantle and repair it. Factory items are very expensive and I was tempted to leave the thing not fitted.
Then I found this
It has the same dimensions as the BMW item, but there are differences. The bolt hole on the front of the ebay damper was 8mm and the BMW one 6mm, a steel sleeve sorted that out in no time. For the other end, under the lower fork clamp, an "L" shaped bracket bolted to the original hole with the eye bearing bolted to the bracket works just fine.
I now have an adjustable steering damper fitted!


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Life time member
That's a good find,.I have often thought abvout replacing mine as it's probably as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Most recently I read that only the 16 valve has one, the K1100's (probably more importantly) which I believe have the same forks and geometry up front don't have one. Jury is out why the K1100 doesn't and 16 valve does but perhaps having tested the 16 valve set up which was different to the 8 valve BMW judged it wasn't neccasary and looked to save on costs. The K1100 can apparently be fitted with one as it has the holes in the right places. Still, at that price it's tempting.... Very Happy

1991 K100 RS 16 valve

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