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Hi have read that you shouldnt use wd40 or similar as it will mess up the linings on cables.Ive just got a couple of cables (clutch and throttle to keep in rear cowl as spares just in case,so what would i use to keep them lubed? oil,thin oil?
Dont want to get to a point where i need them to find theyre siezed.
thanks for help


Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog

Yes, WD40 will destroy the lining.
You can keep them in a sealed vacuum plastic bag.
I personally don't think the cables will seize if they are not in direct contact with water.
I have one in my cowl for over 7 years, and it seems to be free.
Don't forget, if your clutch cable brake, the first thing that you will lose is the small nipple (part #10).
If you have a spare one, be sure that you tape it on the spare cable.

I have only one spare cable for 2 bikes, but if I had only 1 bike (or 2 spare cables), I would double my original cable (tape the spare one to the original.) This way, if you have to replace it on the side of the road, you wouldn't have to remove the tank install it.

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