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I've got an 85 k100rs with  little over 50/m miles on it. I had a welded shut starter relay and thanks to the tips from the forum I thought i had it fixed. I bought a new one after all and replaced it. Now I'm getting nothing when i turn the key, but some dim instrument lights. I turn the kill switch on the start button and the light get bright again?
I took apart the old starter relay and fixed it from the the tips and got the same thing. I googled it and read some other sites and they said to jump the relay terminals. It sparked (duuh) and when I turned the key i got bright lights and it started. Today dim lights again and nothing when I push the start button. Jumped the terminal, turned the key and it stared.
Has anyone seen this before, and is there a fix?

Lkov in CT


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Life time member
Suggest you disassemble the kill switch and shine up the contacts of both that & the starter button.

Also, remove the fuel tank (or move it well to the side and clean the contact plug in for the kill switch and the ignition switch harnesses there.
 If you haven't already done so, remove clean & re-secure the multi wire ground stack (all tan, about 5 - 6 wires) bolted to the left side of the frame backbone under the center of the tank.
Remove, clean & reinstall the earth (ground) connection from the neg. battery terminal to the left side of the transmission (above the gear lever shaft.
Use "De-Oxit 5" to clean the connections and a soft wire brush where possible.
Also, do not overlook the fuses and their slide connectors........remove all the fuses one at a time & clean the spades with De-Oxit.......slide them in & out of the fusebox several times while wet with the cleaner.
You may eventually need to disassemble & clean the actual ignition switch internal contacts, but try these things first.

Obviously be sure that both cables at the battery are clean & tight as well as the cable on the starter motor.
Let us know how you do


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I would also suggest checking the wires from the starter relay to the starter / battery. I had a relay stick a lot and then more issues with the insulation on those wires melting. I'm not sure if it was caused by another issue I was having with the starter itself, but couldn't hurt to check either way.

1968 BSA Lightning
1991 BMW K100RS 16v with K1100LT fairing

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