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George R

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Hi all - just been reading about others having problems with radiator filling but I found out a few years ago an easier way to complete this job.
Take a non squashy litre/500ml or pint plastic bottle with a screw top ( juice bottle size) and cut off the bottom.
Obtain a new radiator cap with seals and use the old part as follows: remove the central components leaving the centre totally empty but
retain the large outer seal. Find the centre of the cap, and make a hole slightly bigger than the size of the screwed bottle neck which has been
cut back so that the neck only protrudes about 10mm through the cap. JB Weld the cap to the bottle and allow to cure.
To use, first close off the overflow pipe ( if not you get your boots filled with coolant when it overflows!!) then screw on the unit, fill half full
with coolant, when that has disappeared add more until full plus about 2 inches in the bottle, then watch the running engine do the air release
on its own.
When finished, open tinnie, relax and put away the assembly till the next time.
PS -  to fit all you need to do is to unhook the side panels from the tank and move the petrol tank back. Cables and pipes are long enough.


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good tip George ....
thanks !

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

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