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I saw a post on here recently regarding these tyres but I don't seem to be able to locate it now. Anyway, I've owned my K for nearly 24 years now and as a consequence have got through a few tyres in that time. I fitted a pair of these Avons late last year just before the winter started and they have been, without doubt, the best tyres I have ever fitted to this bike. The grip in both dry and wet, especially wet, is exceptional. I ride over a 100 miles a day cross country and demand a lot from my tyres. They are wearing very well too. A shade over 8,000 miles and the rear is still good for the rest of the summer (joke-the summer hasn't started yet in the south-east) so 11-12,000 should be good-maybe more. By way of comparison I would normally be lucky to get much more than 9,000 out of any of the others I've used.


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Hello Mike,
I was one of the poster's re Roadriders.
I am undecided as to what to put on mine but the time is coming fast and I have to make a decision.
I ride a K1100 weighing in around 300kg and I know some tires wont take that weight.
however I have gone on the various maker websites and let them decide what suits my machine.
A great service.
As you say, summer is yet to arrive ;-), here too, and in any case its bound to be wet at sometime on the road.
be nice to have confidence in cornering and not have to worry about losing the backend.

glad you have positive things to say about them.

safe riding


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