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Ok all, I feel like I've been sentenced to a year of Mondays!!!

On my '91 RS 4V there is nothing coming from cylinders 2 or 3. I have tested the spark plug wires and they all measure 6K ohms. Tested the output of both coils and they're both at 14K ohms. I have fuel coming out of all 4 injectors (new FJ27's from Rock Auto $18.50 each cheers). When I pull the plugs from 2 & 3 and crank it over there is plenty of spark to make me twitch like I just peed on the electric fence! The engine will run (barely) on just 1 & 4 and when I disconnect the leads to the injectors for 2 & 3 there is no difference in running. What the devil else is there for me to check?


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do a compression test ... quick way to confirm head gasket hasnt gone between the two cylinders

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