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I just called my local dealer, and they were thinking that I would not be able to order a key by VIN number for my 87 K75. Stating BMW may not have kept records for the older bikes,......since that was before they computerized their databases.

Any thoughts on how I (or a locksmith) might be able to make a key that works correctly. Yes, I realize that a different locksmith might possibly do a better job.

I know lock cylinder pins can be moved around on the system case latches to work with different keys,.........wondering if that can be done with my ignition switch and gas tank lid.

Brian in Austin TX



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Gold member
Go back to the dealer.
Find someone that is in charge.
Order the key.  (I had to do this last year for my '89)
Take your VIN, (vehicle identification number), with.
Might should take your title along as well....(my dealer required this).
Don't take no for an answer....being nice of course. Smile
Nice Jim

'89 k100 rs se

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