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well just thought that i would share this  ,a few days ago my battery decided to quit  working , early morning heading for Work ,had to jumpstart it with help from the cars battery ,the bike started right away ,so i had to buy a new battery,  i have had this problem before with another battery that when i needed to jumpstart it from another vehicle the starter ran faster than usual on the bikes battery, exept for when i charged it with the ctek charger,
then i read this thread in here about a similar problem , and bingo!! there it was ,, the charging indicator bulb has to Work in order to make the alternator Work proberly... mine never worked because of that crazy print design in the instrument cluster, now it does ,had to solder a wire from the connector pin to the bulb connector, and the alternator charges with 14,1 volts ,never went over 13,5 before .

well im happy Very Happy 
thanks guys:tu1:

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