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I went for a 200 mile ride today to get a feel for the bike. My drive took me up the 680 and into Napa Valley from my home in San Jose CA. The weather was gorgeous. The temperature today was in the high 70's.

I now see why the K100 RT has a bad reputation for being a "hot" bike. After a couple of hours in the saddle (Corbin) I was squirming! My right knee was literally getting cooked by a very hot air leak where the "weatherstriping" from the tank left a gap next to the weatherstriping from the fairing. I mean that air was HOT! Twisted Evil

The toes on my left foot were getting cooked from the heat from the headers. Damn! I feel great on this bike, but I am uncomfortably hot. And that is unusual for me. Usually I am cold when riding. I had to take off my leathers today and I don't like to ride without them.

In traffic up in wine country I heard my aux cooling fan come on, so that's good that it works.

After five hours in the saddle, the last hour which was spent at 80mph, EVERYTHING was too hot to touch, even the gas tank. Hmm. Not good. I was very uncomfortable especially in the crotch.

The "boys" were not happy with the bike at all! As soon as I got home I had to take a shower. lol!


So I read on another web site that one can seal up the gaps in the weatherstriping much better and I am going to do that and see if that helps matters.

I also am going to try to put a flap of rubber in front of my left toe and see if that helps.

I am also going to look for a factory stock saddle. I can't "back up" away from the hot tank with the corbin.

However, I must say this bike rocks!

My only mod so far, other than new tires and Amsoil fluids throughout has been a windshield lip and that really helped. It raised the quiet wind zone up about 2 inches which is great for me since I like to wear a 3/4 helmet in the summer.

I got a lot of looks from other bikers and several thumbs up from other bemmer pilots. The K100RT in blue is a real looker.

Overall, this bike is a keeper. A few modifications and it will make a worthy steed! 👽

Scottie in San Jose CA

Took my K100 for its first summer ride today CIMG0004



Hi Scott, thanks for the reply to the crash on Boris, my K100 RT. Got myself another K, only this ones is a 1987 RS and in lovely condition. Red to boot, has to be RED... The problem of overheating feet, crutch and legs was infernal in our English summers, but the tank never blew up and I never had a fire. I did check the insulation under the tank with care. It also seems to perish the fuel lines(rubber) as well so check them out. The upside is WINTER, which we get a good deal of here. You just do not get cold legs!!! Any temps below about 65/70F and its the heat is really an issue for me. Over that, well keep moving and hang the feet of the ends of the pegs. Its a cold place Germany. A design fault? Only in the summer I think. Cheers, Huw (Boris the bike)


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