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Hey guys.

I was just installing Oxford heated grips on my 100RS16v. All is finished now, and after a testride everything seems to be working! Great!


I didn't connect the power supply of those grips directly to the battery, as the manual told me, but to the connector for OEM heated grips. (so they don't drain the battery when left on!). While doing so, I felt like the wires going to that connector were really thin, and now I start to wonder how much current I can draw through without setting fire to the tank!

Thus, the question is: What power rating do the OEM heated grips have? (oxford claims theirs are 50W max)

Or maybe I should put it more general and useful for everybody: what's the cross section of those wires (and 90% of the rest of the wiring), and what is the maximum current allowed?

Thanks a lot!

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About 22W per side for OEM HGs.

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Rick G

Rick G
The thinist wire used on a K is 0.5mm and that will carry 5 amps without problems so at 50watts you will only draw 4.2 amps then all should be OK.

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