BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hi all,

As you probably all are aware, one of my hobbies is the restoration of BMW police motorcycles, specifically those listed above, but basically police bikes in general.

I'm constantly hunting for parts for these vehicles, in particular the more fiddly bits like crash bars, dash pad switches, flasher control modules, city cases, complete authorities wiring looms, lights, sirens, and tone generators.

If you happen to have pieces like these lying around the man cave, I'd welcome a donation, or even a shot at purchasing them, as they're all going to be lovingly restored and re-fit to the vehicles they were designed for, and then be ridden in public to be admired and loved by all and sundry.

Cheers, Alex.

P.S. I have a pressing need for a set of K1100 front and rear crash bars, if anyone has anything laying around.


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