BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Life time member
No longer having the energy and strength to pursue some of my projects I am going to Sell Out one or two of them.  I am in need of learning to just relax. (apparently)

I have for sale as Bulk Lot Located in Kingaroy QLD.

Side car with working Park Brake (drum).Light Bondwood construction. New Tyre with Tube. 175/50R13. Rebuilt Mini Trailing Arm. New Shock. Lights all wired in place. A Bolt on Rim HRD with 165/SR15 for K100. 65/80R15 tyer and rim with adapter for K100. Sub frame and 16mm tie rods with left and right threads. Other odds and bitts as well.

Asking $1500.00 That is a steal if your wanting to build an outfit.
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