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Greetings all! I'm in the process of having some foot peg mounting plates made up for a 1985 K100RT conversion to a cafe racer. I'm working with a machine shop that is going to make small plates to replace the large cast aluminum units that are stock (and which carry the rear foot pegs and provide attachments for the panniers). The units I'm having made will only allow for front foot pegs. I'm making the mounting plates only, and I am planning on using Tarrozzi (sp?) universal rear set pegs/levers. And my units will require a different Brembo master cylinder for the rear brake. My bike is non-ABS; I don’t know if these would work with ABS or not.  The plates I'm making will be similar to those shown on the BSK Speedworks website for their rear set kit (though my design varies a bit).

Most of the cost of doing this is in the design and set-up phase. As a result, my machine shop suggested that it would be a good idea to do a larger run if there were any buyers out there to help me absorb the cost.

If I were to do a run of 10, they would cost about $90 for aluminum or about $350 for titanium (that's per pair, left and right sides), plus postage.

I'm not in the position to take orders on these right now, but am trying to gage interest. If there's sufficient interest to do a run, I'll do it.

If you are interested, let me know by posting a message here. If I get lots of positive response, I’ll have them make extras and will offer them for sale first come, first serve. 


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Hey. Corn Valley, of all places. 

Yeah, I'm interested to see what the result would look like as you're asking a fair price. My '85rt foot plates are being powder coated (satin black) right now in an attempt to make the something less ugly than they are in stock aluminum finish. 

I used to live in Eugene and did a lot of business in Corvallis. There's a great bakery/coffee shop by the river in which I've spent many an hour (forgot the name). Also the Korean restaurant by campus is superb, despite its appearances.

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