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92KK 84WW Olaf

Life time member
Life time member
I have my K100RT since July 2013. In 2012 I had been in correspondence with Darren08 on the forum on trying to get a K100RT sorted. In July 2013 I responded to one for sale on DoneDeal to get a response along the lines 'is that you Olaf....'. Anyway knowing some of the history I bought it and it has been fine although I have since done a lot of jobs to it. He also had a R1150 in his place so I was happy.

Today a text from Darren asking if I know any cheap K1100LT around......can't stay away from the Ks after all. One needing some little work may not be a problem either.

So, any eyes out..!!!

1992 K100LT 0193214 Bertha Blue 101,000 miles
1984 K100RT 0022575 Brutus Baja Red 578 bought 36,000 now 89,150 miles
1997 K1100LT 0188024 Wotan Mystic Red 689 58,645 now 106,950 miles Deceased.
1983 K100RS 0011171 Fricka 606 Alaska Blue 29,495 miles Damn K Pox Its a Bat outta Hell Now 37,190 miles
1996 K1100LT 0233004 Lohengrin Mystic Red 38,000 miles.

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