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sidecar paul

sidecar paul
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It's fairly common for the screws that hold the radiator fairing to the side panels, to pull through the rad fairing.  Repair to radiator fairing. 61740

When reassembling my solo recently two screws pulled through and I couldn't get the panels to mate properly, so I bought an e-bay panel for £10, suitable for re-painting, but of course, it also had damaged holes. At least I now had a spare panel to try out ideas.
Repair to radiator fairing. Sam_1119

The standard holes are 7mm diameter to take 5mm screws,  scratch and as the 5mm screw heads are 10mm diameter, it doesn't leave much surface area to hold things in place. However, there always seems to be a narrow ledge left in the bottom of the recess after the screw has pulled through.

The recesses in the fairing panel are 12mm diameter at the outside with a 1° or 2° taper for the moulding process, so I turned a set of washers, 
12mm OD x 5.5mm ID x 1.5mm thick.

Repair to radiator fairing. Sam_1120

These were then pulled into the recesses using a nut, Allen screw and penny washer.

Repair to radiator fairing. Sam_1121

They broach their way into the bottom of the recess and come to rest, tightly on the ledge.

Repair to radiator fairing. Sam_1122

Note that those cracks were there before I pulled my washers into place. (See first picture.)
Repair to radiator fairing. Sam_1123
Even badly damaged holes come good.
Repair to radiator fairing. Sam_1124

I know these sort of repairs need a lathe, but, honestly, it's only a 10 minute job if you have 'a mate with a lathe'.

BTW, the solo's fairing is now fixed by this method, so I'll re-paint the e-bay panel at my leisure.


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Life time member
I think Paul you have just become 'our mate with a lathe' so I suppose now we can buy these 'penny' washers as 'quid' washers. Wonder will there be a 'Euro' version? You seem to have turned out quite a few of them.

Seriously though its a very cleverly simple fix to a well known problem.

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