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hi, I tried to start my k1100 on a low battery and the starter kept cranking over, couldn't switch off or kill. saw  a whiff of smoke coming from underneath right side of seat also. replaced battery but starts to spark up and crank again so no joy there. Have I fused just relay contacts or screwed complete starter unit? any advise appreciated.


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It will be the relay, fused contacts, not the starter.

The relay is in an electrical box under the petrol tank, at the rear of the tank, two bolts hold the relay down. If you have a bendy drive you might be able to get it out without removing the petrol tank if you can raise the rear of the tank enough. On the K100 as you sit on the bike the relay is at the rear of the box, right hand corner. Not sure if its same for K1100.

There is a thread here for opening up the relay and cleaning up the contacts. You have nothing to lose doing  that as the alternative is a replacement relay.

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The starter should be OK and usually is but as for fried contacts in the relay well they can sometimes be salvaged but usually it's a good bet a new relay will be needed in the near future.

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