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Somewhere here I saw a whole list of torque settings I now can't find them, any suggestions


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RicK G

RicK G
Taken from the Haynes Manual
torque settings Torque10

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Thanks Rick not the one I'd seen but that will do for a guide, I saw one here somewhere that that had all the main things with bmw recommended settings


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Here is one  I made up.  I printed it on both sides of a single sheet and laminated it.  I keep it in the top drawer of my tool chest with my torque wrenches.  Have only included the specs for the external stuff that gets worked on during general maintenance..  

Torque Specifications

General Settings:                          Tire Pressure One Up:
5mm                     30-40 inlb                Front 32 psi
6mm                     50-65 inlb                Rear 36 psi
8mm                     10-13 ftlb
10mm                   20-25 ftlb             Two Up:
                                                           Front 36 psi
Oil drain plug             15 ftlb                Rear 42 psi
Oil filter cover             7 ftlb
Oil pan bolts                7 ftlb
Cyl Head cover            6 ftlb
Spark plug                 15 ftlb

Engine mounts           30 ftlb
Timing chain cover      5 ftlb
Crank cover                6 ftlb
Water pump                5 ftlb

Trans to engine         11 ftlb
Center stand              28 ftlb
Shifter                       11 ftlb
Trans mounts            30 ftlb

Exhaust flange
K75                           15 ftlb
K100                         11 ftlb
Muffler clamp            15 ftlb
Muffler mount             6 ftlb

Alternator bolts         16 ftlb
Starter bolts               6 ftlb
Foot peg mounts       11 ftlb

Rear Wheel bolts      77 ftlb
Shock mounts           36 ftlb
Front axle allen bolt  24 ftlb
Front axle clamp       11 ftlb

Brake caliper mount  23 ftlb
Front brake disc        20 ftlb
Rear disc 14 ftlb
Brake hose banjos      5 ftlb
Rear pedal pivot       17 ftlb
Master cylinder          4 ftlb

Handlebars mounts   15 ftlb
Fork clamp bolts:
  Upper                     15 ftlb
  Lower                     30 ftlb
Fork brace                15 ftlb
Fork slider                13 ftlb
Fork drain                  6 ftlb

Final drive mount     28 ftlb
Filler plug                 13 ftlb
Drain plug                17 ftlb

Swing arm:
Fixed                         6 ftlb
Pivot pin                    5 ftlb
Lock nut                  30 ftlb

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