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worth a look.

I'm endeavouring to get time to take a K IWI K down, anyone keen to join me? 

Friday 29th - Middayish Leave Wellington by  Ferry to Picton Friday. 3pm Ride to Christchurch ETA 630pm.

Saturday30 May - Leave Christchurch early for Tarras - via Arthurs pass or Lindis Pass (weather dependent) ETA Idaburn Dam Oturehua 5:30pm - Set up tents be merry - talk the usual round bonfires.

Sunday 31 May - get up break camp ride to picton via east coast. catch evening Ferry ETA Wellington 11pm Sunday. Ride home.
Welcome to stay at my place if coming down on Ks from the North of Paraparaumu to Wellington on Thurs Night and or Sunday night if heading home.

round trip ex Paraparaumu 2000km

refer -
any ozzies ect keen? , I can provide K bike for mates rates $400NZ and airport pick ex Welly or Paraparaumu.

Idaburn Dam, Oturehua


alexandra - Ida

Brass Monkey Rally - Otago NZ SAt 30 - sunday31st May  Nz_log10

K IWI land
New Zealand


sounds great rick

have fun ...I think were doing a similar "cold challenge " the same time and weekend over here

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

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