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First Off let me mention, I got this bike in 2012 with the intention to chop it, I've been riding it since then every summer for enjoyment, then to college, and to work after college. I put about 22,000 miles on it so far. I stripped it to the motor when I got it, painted the frame and polished the aluminum meticulously  but it hasn't really seen that level of paint and polish since mostly just maintenance and modifications. I was riding in the rain a lot, had a few slides, and modified things many times over especially after tumbles. This is the progress right now. She's rough but she's stable and when I remember to double check all the bolts and connections, reliable. 30,000 miles indicated on the clock right now. Anyway here's some pics and a todo list for myself.

Build log 87 k100 RT 2ahcim0

Build log 87 k100 RT 2nh3tbm

Build log 87 k100 RT 2816crn

Build log 87 k100 RT 20qc2a0

Mount front turn signals to harness

Repair main switches:
replace with proper rated switches
turn: 3 pole
ignition: single pole
horn: momentary
starter: momentary
short high beam to always on

Connect brake lights / rear turn signals to harness
Create harness for licence plate lights and bring to switched 12v

source horn and install to harness


Mount ECU!!

fabricate mounting hardware for instrument cluster

Trim front fender
repair mounting points
Paint black

Fabricate battery tie down

Fabricate rear brake res mount

Fabricate seat pan mounting points
source and shape seat foam
source and upholster seat material

source shock stud coupler and bolt for plate mount
repair/replace fuel tank

Fit and finish:

Neutralize battery acid spill

spot paint frame

paint or wrap exhaust / look into shortening

tank finish

fabricate blanks where oem switches were


Check splines

fabricate coolant overflow tank

diagnose rear brake functionality


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Heres a picture of how I had it before I took it apart.
The goals were to make it more legal and legit:

Install fenders
install a horn
install turn signals
install a mirror that works

Replace the plastic rear brake lights -done (The rear suspension was traveling a lot more than I thought it does and hitting the lights, just about bottoming out the suspension on a very very bumpy road with a jump I test the bike on)

fabricate proper seat mounts (the seat was mounted with a cargo net)

Not using zip ties to hold things together, (they chafe the wires)

fix the tank (it has a hole on the bottom filled in with jb water weld) and looks bad from the left over paint and oem filler

relocate the ECU (I broke down a few times because of water intrusion when I mounted it without the oem under seat storage and without a rear fender, had to take it apart clean it with alcohol and dry it out, I should probably replace it)

possibly make the exhaust look less obtrusive 

Build log 87 k100 RT 2mgsfx0


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