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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
How do you post a picture or a movie?

What are the #@!%*! :evil:icons on the bar?
Here is the explanation:
Some of the icons like hosting a picture or a movie are "toggles" If you click on it once, it opens and when you click again it closes
On some computers, after saving a picture on, the button 'copy' doesn't work.
You will have to manually cut and paste. To do so, highlight the link and copy it to the clipboard (CTRL + C on a PC, CMD + C on a Mac). Then you have to paste it to your post (CTRL + V on a PC, CMD + V on a Mac).
Posting pictures and movies Postin10

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After using this forum for 4 years, I just discovered another way to post a picture if it's already hosted on the internet.

This option seems to only work with Internet Explorer Sad

- Navigate to the web site where you see the picture.

- Right click you mouse on the picture, select 'copy'.

- Go back to your message and place your cursor on your post (where you want to have the picture posted).

- Right click your mouse and select 'Paste'

This will not work for pictures hosted on your computer, but will work with pictures posted on most of the web sites.


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