BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Since i was Kpoxed by Ringfad mid April, the disease has gotten worse!! Picked up 2 K75 RT last weekend... ! I managed to get the blue one started and running. Still needs quite a bit of work to get her back on the road and running like she should!

The green RT will be next! Anyone got any bits they are looking to get rid off do let me know!
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First time on here since 88KE and myself got back from France yesterday.

First time we met Curley was the day we left on 30th May when we had lunch at Crosshaven and it was great to meet you. Now you must have serious Kpox to have gone and bought TWO more Ks......that's 3 in 3 months now?

Great to see the enthusiasm, hope to meet up again soon..!


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