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Took a short exploratory run up this canyon road just to the east of Kingman.
To reconnoiter for possible picnic day trips in the future.
Very pleasant ride with great view of the valley below.
Also found that just before the canyon summit There is a turn off to take you to I40 should you decide to slab it back instead of the canyon.
Definitely not a ride I would make at night. Too many extremely sharp turns & the wildlife comes out at night.
Wild life would be anything from Bald & Golden Eagles to Coyotes to Road Runners to Mountain Lions & Bears.
Oh, and I almost forgot the prime hazard at the moment with the high temp, Diamond Back Rattle Snakes & all their cousins native to the area. As well as Lizards, Salamanders & Gila Monsters of various varieties.
Also a danger of falling rocks, most during or after a rain.
Flash flooding is a part of the desert experience.

Quite similar but also very different than the alpine type canyons I have been riding.
First thing I noticed was the Red Rocks vs Granite.
The there's the Sage, cypress & pines vs the pines, aspens & scrub oaks.
Then last but not least is the various cacti and desert flowers vs lodge pole pines & meadows of wild flowers.

Just thought I would share a bit while waiting for it cool down some to go outside and do some chore.




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Born Again Eccentric

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Nice ride Troy - sounds like an intriguing place, be nice to see some photos too if you have any to share.



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It is - I've stopped in Kingman a whole once but the desert was a place I won't forget in a hurry.

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Here's a couple I took w phone:

Gotta remember to take camera & tripod next time.


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