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1Back to top Go down    Salut!... from Romania! on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:45 am


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as in Hello, all!

I'm Andrei, from Romania, and I'm new with all of this, and I feel like it's a new life! BMW K are the best!

With a passion for motorcycles from my early 20's, but a healthy fear of not crashing, I only felt ready now in my 30's...
I got my licence, and started out with a Minsk 125 - chosen for small engine, and ok looks for a "communist". Unfortunately, I have to turn that bike into a restoration project, as repairs just aren't satisfying enough... and talking about satisfaction - the brap of that engine is too "wood-choppie" for me.
I was looking for a new, nicer, bike...The Japanese sportsters were too exotic, the Italian too flashy. I'll see to a CBR or a Panigale when I'm better on the track.
I love speed, but relish more in the ride itself. I'm a Volvo owner, so I thought, what would be a correspondent in bikes... Don't know!
But I did find the K100! It was love at first sight!

Not so long story, shorter - I recently got a 1990 K100RS, 16V. With just over 100k km, I am sure I can multiply that by ten, I like travelling long, and the K sure is able!
I plan on making some adjustments in the fairings (bit old/outdated), I'm not going for full overhaul - no cafe-racer or anything like that- just some upgrades to my taste. Maybe some "touring" stuff, and for some easy off-road outings.

I not an active forumer usually, but I do plan to be, for anything related to my K bike.

Thanks in advance for the welcome, and I wish all of you "asfalt uscat"!


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Welcome here!

Nice bike you have, I like the color.
The Minsk 125 is a cool socialistic bike ;-)

Cheers from germany

Only a few activities make me experience my senses in a way motorcycle riding does, it is like swimming in the nude in a river.
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RicK G

Hi Andre welcome to the forum. Making miles is what the Ks were made for.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." from Mencken's 1919 Prejudices

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Life time member
Welcome! I own a sister ship and would be interested in seeing what you do to your fairing to update it.

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1994 K75S
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Bine a ti venit, Andrei...
Unde este?

I was in Romania 2 month ago...

Your RS looks fine, especially with the lowered seat, you should not try to "modernize" its look, the result is rarely harmonious.


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It's nice reading your comments, also your stories on other threads.

@Chocolate, my Minsk is blue, but as coolSmile
About the K's color, I'm trying to figure out if I should add the BMW M stripes, since the 16V K100 comes from the K1...

@RicK G- your logo! that's the one! Can I borrow it? (I expect a "yeah, nah" )

@Point-Seven-five, your K looks great! Only thing for me, I'm still in love with the engine being visible, and, well, looking like a brick! But I'm looking into some comfort additions, like the Komfort spoiles @jbt mentions (and jbt's showing the engine...)

@jbt... loved your story! hope you get the chance to visit Romania again soon, there are so much more to see! (from mountains to the sea, forests and long fields, Danube delta, and oh, pretty soon, some sand deserts, with the global warming!)
I may bother you soon with some questions about those Trail Wings.

Since I am a beginner, I may not be able to offer any similar amazing stories of my own pretty soon, I'll be starting with some local trips, and then slowly gearing up to bigger journies (I am planning Spain and UK in the next two years).
But I will mention I have some BMW Motorrad Road Safety courses, which I strongly recommend to experienced riders as well - always good to check your skills and knowledge!

All the best!

[later edit]
@jbt, Bine te-am găsit! Merci beacoup! Je suisa Bucarest, et je n'aime pas! Sad

1990 K100RS
1991 Minsk 125

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I suppose that riding in Romania, even if it's just a Minsk, trains you better than any Road Safety Lessons.
As you're still alive, you passed your exam, congratulations.
But you can remember simple tips: You will go where you're watching to, trust no one to have seen you, and expect the unexpectable.

I"d love to go back to Romania but, well...I have to solve my ticket affair with local police before Laughing .
I've not been yet to the North and never visited the Delta. Shame on me.


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