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Silver member
...decided to visit Mummy at Balmoral . Driving his Bently along the long drive one of mothers corgi`s ran out in front of him, SPLATT!

Getting out of car and viewing the carnage..(Imagine the accent) "Oh bother! just what will mummy say."

To the rescue out jumps the leprachaun ."Dont worry your highness" he reassuringly says "today your in luck,you can have a wish!"

"Oh topping, how absolutely splendid" says our prince, "can you mend the dog ?"

Rubbing chin thoughtfully the leprachaun says " Sorry , he`s too far gone, have another wish"

After asking the leprachaun how long he had been a leprachaun , he says "Well thats most kind of you old chap, now listen, I have a new wife called Camilla and I would be rather pleased if you could make her beautiful for me"

Leprachaun says ..." lets have another look at the dog"

boom boom


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Life time member
oh dear... love is blind WinkSmile

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1997 BMW K1200RS red, VIN: WB10544A1VZA22667

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