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Hello everyone !

I'm Damien, 29 years old, French, love mechanic in general, I fully restored a 70's car and I work for few months on a K75. I really like to dismantle stuff,to unserstand how it works.

My K will be a naked/modified and I'm here because I'm looking for the adaptator for an aftermarket speedometer.

I had my driving licence in November so it's quite new. The K75 is also my first motorbike.


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Welcome here!

Very helpfull forum.
Enjoy your motorcycle.

For the speedo:


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Crazy Frog

Hello Totem95D,

Welcome to the forum. We should call you "speedy" because I accepted your registration and 10 min later you already posted here and got an answer.
This morning I installed a digital speedo on the K100 with the sidecar. Because of the 15" car wheels, the original speedo was totally inaccurate. The simple/cheap solution was to install a Sigma MC10 bicycle speedo (This one has a 3 digits display). Compared to the GPS speed display, it's spot on at any speed.
The magnet has been installed on the lower part of the disk brake and it's not intrusive.

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