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Jonas Bodin

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@Motorbike Mike wrote:I seem to remember pointing toward the injectors on #4, #18 & #21. Very Happy
So you did Very Happy

The weird thing is that they didn't leak one drip of fuel when I had them out... I would have expected to see them leaking a LOT! But I will try it once again:M:


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So I'm new to k bikes so this problem is fresh for me . All I can say is get your injectors cleaned properly . Run some petrol cleaner through a few tanks of fuel and make sure there's no water getting in .
I had a weeks of problems similar to this and one of the issues was a injector working but not closing properly hence flooding the cyclinder. After taking them out and cleaning them and changing the o rings . I tested them under pressure and could see now they all looked like a similar spray pattern where as before one looked more powerful than the rest .
Anyway I would put my money on injectors . Mine is running sweet now after a few bottles of petrol cleaner and a few hundred miles .

Oh and just to mention I also had water in the fuel which got I through a leaking petrol cap on tank .


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This recent thread shows that a faulty ECU can pump in too much fuel. Perhaps your ECU hasn't failed completely but is on it's way out?

Chassis number0025951
Vehicle code0504
ModelK 100 RT 84 (0504 ( 0505 )
Body typeK 100 RT 84 (0504
Catalog modelECE
Production date1985 / 01

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Life time member
Yep. Starting to sound like the FICU is cactus. They're normally a very reliable unit but lately we've been seeing failures giving symptoms like excessive fuel at startup. Try swapping with a known good one. Just make sure its the correct one for the K100 2V as they aren't all the same. The K100 '83 to '90 uses #0 280 000 313

Similar issue here...
WTB FICU for 2V K100RS

1988 K100RT VIN No. 0094680
1989 K100RT VIN No. 0097367 (naked)
1996 K1100RS VIN No. 0451808
Fuel: 95 Octane
Engine Oil:Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil: Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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