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In my ongoing saga with the K100, a sline lube is on the near horizon. However, in South Africa, the Honda 60 moly grease is unobtainable. Caltex Optimol T is apparently available; but very difficult to get. I traced a small sepecialist company that manufactures industrial lubricants for the vehicle manufacturing trade and they have a product that they claims 'fits the bill'. It contains 50% MOS2 and is called an 'assembly paste. Their product description is as follows:

"MO-DI No. 1 (high concentrate)

Has been specially developed as a maximum concentration of molybdenum disulphide in a suitable grease carrier. It is essentially useful as an assembly paste, having extreme anti scuffing
properties: for surface treatment of moving parts. It can be dry lubrication and as a subsidiary to other lubricants. Applied by rubbing or smearing thinly where necessary. Mo-DI No. 1 is ideal for that difficult and hard to overcome lubrication problem."

Can I use this as a spline lube?

Now, long ago I bought a 5 lit tin of moly additave for motor car engines: at the time for use in my shop's lathe, where the seals were a little shot and replacement difficult to get. Excellent results. Subsequently, I've also added to my Honda's (Civic) engine. The difference is remarkable.

Now, can I add some to my K's engine. I am not sure if this will be good for an all alu engine and would rather seek your opinion first.


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RicK G

I use ROCOL GA 50 assembly lube and the description is the same as for the stuff you want to use. It's good gear just what you need.
As for the moly additive you sure can use it. The brick engine doesn't have the wet clutch that many bikes have which is what prevents its use in them.
Personally I really dont consider that you would need it as the oil technology has come a long way since the bricks were first made and the lubricating qualities of modern oils is what makes engines last so long.

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I am familiar with "Mo-Di" used it many times as an additive to the lubrication, on it's own I'm not sure.

What about contacting Castrol or Shell direct.?

Check the posting for Clutch Spline Lube, some pics. there, same lube.

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As Rick says oil tech has come a long way, and that is the reason that oil additives are not as popular as they were 15 years ago. A full synthetic oil will withstand huge amounts of heat without breaking down and will still lubricate when very thin, that is better than and old tech oil with additives.


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