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Hi all, just joined the K forum, having puchased a non running, seized 1986 K, 2 months ago, information on K bikes has been a great help, especially the electrics diagrams.
The bike had been in garage for 2 years and the pistons had rusted to barrels, got her home in the van and set to work, fairing off and spark plugs out, then had to lie bike on its side so I could get diesel fuel in the pots, left this to soak in for 24 hours, got it in top gear and pushed and rocked, freed quite easy.
New battery and fuel, drained sump new oil and filter, then she started up.
Bike would run, then stall when it got hot, took out thermostat to check operation, that was o.k., after reading forum decided to change temperature switch and also fit a temperature gauge, problem solved , now running great.
Next issue was, RH indicator , o.k. at first then rear flasher started hyper flashing, checked bulbs, cleaned fittings, after reading forum decided it had to be a problem under tank, cleaned earth on spine then traced flasher live to connector block,as soon as I saw the connection I knew it had to be this, grey powdery build up on pins, cleaned it all and a spray of electrical connector, job done, great satisfaction.
MOT preparation, rear master cylinder leaking, tracked a decent one down for £30, but different connection to rear, so ordered a custom brake line.
Rear tyre is perished and would not pass an mot, so thats my, next job , just in time for summer!
Dave K


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Welcome and have fun. Lots of idiots knowledgeable people around here who are more than willing to help Very Happy

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WelKome to K-world Dave. Nice rundown on your bike. Good to see another K returned to the road.

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RicK G

Hi Dave welcome to the Knuthaus
Be careful to inspect the bore well to ensure the Nicasil lining is intact before you run it. The lining is easily damaged when things like that happen.

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