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  • While the majority of forum members use English as their native language, there are many on the forum that do not. The primary forum language is English, but in all its flavo(u)rs and spelling, and some members use English as a second language. In addition, many members are fluent in several languages. The forum is distributed to over a thousand readers, so be careful not to be obscure by over-use of slang. If using acronyms, spell them out; not only are many of them ambiguous, but they generally also imply cultural knowledge peculiar to the member's home environment.

3. Discussion is not limited to BMW K bikes although that is the primary forum topic. If a member has a new-born, is fired, is sick, goes on vacation, reads a poem or just had a wonderful foggy drive to work, we would all like to know about it. We are real people living real lives, and there is freedom to share that with others. Over the years, many members have met and socialized at bike-related events, and on other occasions.

  • Religion and politics are two universally-recognized controversial topics. Casual references are acceptable, but espousals of beliefs, proselytization, and the like, are intrusions on people's freedom of belief and are prohibited. Keep in mind that this is primarily a bike-related forum, not a social-political blog. Ad hominem attacks on public figures are prohibited.

  • Posting of chain letters to the forum should not be done in most cases. In addition, posting material copied from political and social commentators should be avoided.

4. This forum is non-commercial. We do not allow use of the forum for business or for-profit activities, including buying and selling of motorcycles, parts, and services. Individual members may post for-sale or wanted-to-buy posts for items for their individual use. This includes one-time garage sales of items that are surplus to their needs, typically after selling the motorcycle for which they were acquired. Repeated or perpetual "garage sales" or similar activities are considered "commercial" and are prohibited.

  • We have several vendors of parts, and services present as members. Most of these people are known to the forum as sources of information more than as vendors. A commercial vendor may include a simple reference to the nature of the services offered and a suitable link to their business or e-mail for those members who wish to contact them for business reasons. All such contacts must be initiated by the member desiring a business transaction, never the reverse.

  • A vendor who can supply items or services may respond to a specific post requesting where-to-obtain information from the forum, with an indication that "we can supply" followed by contact information. Once again, any business transactions must be initiated by the member.

  • All business negotiations and transactions must be completed off-forum.

  • Members with commercial connections who wish to make their services known to the members must contact the Admin (Crazy Frog or Rick G) before posting commercial information.

5. "Spamming" either the forum or individual members is prohibited. Our members do not want to receive unsolicited E-mails with "have I got a deal for you!" offers of Bilstein shock absorbers or other items. Harvesting of forum addresses for most purposes in an attempt to "go underground" to dodge forum rules will be treated as equivalent to forum posting activity.

6. Off-forum conduct between members. In general, forum rules apply to private e-mails sent by members to other members. In general, the admins and moderators encourage friendly e-mail contacts, but the admins will take action if notified with evidence that e-mail is being used in a harassing or annoying manner.

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8. Please post in the correct part of the forum for example in the Members Introduction section please do not ask for solutions to issues with your bike, post that question in the relevant section because if someone who knows the answer skips the Members Introduction section they will not answer your question. Similarly the How to – section, that is reserved for tutorials from experts on how to do various procedures and is not the appropriate place to ask a question on how you can do something to your bike.

9. Use appropriate subject lines. Make sure that the subject line for your posts clearly reflects the topic of the post. When responding to a topic, change the subject line if your response is not relevant to the original subject.

10. Reserved subject line words. There are several words in subjects that should appear on the forum only with moderator approval. Significant among these are:

  • "ADMIN" and "Please Read": These strings are reserved for admin or moderator use only in initial postings. All posting with ADMIN/Please Read in the subject line are policy statements, clarifications, or other important information to be read and heeded by all members.

11. Moderation policies and practices. The foregoing rules reflect considerable experience over many years. Most admin actions are handled off forum, without posting any comments to the forum. The admins and moderators read all postings, and coordinate all moderation actions closely.

The foregoing rules are general. There may be specific cases where the moderators feel that a discussion thread has gone awry, which we address with an 'ADMIN/Please Read' post dealing with the specifics. Also, there have been a few cases where the forum's best interests were not served by a strict application of the rules, and the moderators have posted indicating the limits to be applied to the particular thread.

The moderators also participate in forum discussions, and it should be understood that unless we are specific, our comments are as forum participants, whether we agree or disagree with aspects of the discussion thread.

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