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Two Wheels Better

Two Wheels Better
Since I own five newer BMW 'bikes that have the 10 pin round port for scanning codes/resetting service light & etc., and I didn't want to have to buy the GS911 or Duonix tools for umpteen gazillion dollars, I worked out a simpler, as effective, and far less spendy solution.

OBD for later Motronic 20171011

Couple these two items with the 'free' app called MotoScan (from Germany), available for Android and possibly Apple products as well, it gives you all the info you need to scan with, then you purchase the level of servicibility you desire, from three price/technical levels, and the best part is that you're not limited as to how many VINs you scan, so you'll be "the envy of your friends and neighbours!" Sorta like when you own a pickup/ute and a mate needs a hand moving.
OBD for later Motronic 652573

For starters, the OBD adaptor which goes from 10 pin round to 16 pin rectangle/triangle cost me under US$18 delivered from eBay US.
The Carista Bluetooth module came from Carista and I already owned it to scan my Audi A4 codes. It arrived last Spring for about US$40. These types of modules are commonly referred to as ELM327 and they come at many price/function levels, the least expensive being the Chinese knock offs, which some say you should use caution with. I have not had any experience with them, some of which can be had for ten bucks or so. I am not under any illusion that the Carista-brand is not made in China...
The last bit was the upgraded service level of MotoScan which set me back about US$50. 'Free' lets you have a look, 'Professional' lets you clear codes and service lights, and 'Ultimate' lets you adjust parameters like idle settings, changing colours of warnings on the dash, radio settings, light actuation & etc. I opted for 'Ultimate' because, well, I wish to do it all on my own without dealer assistance.

Last time I looked a no limit VIN Duonix-brand was 300 plus posted to the US, a GS911 tool about US$400 dollars and with this it limits how many VINs you can scan (only 10) before you have to upgrade to a 'Professional' level for considerably more filthy lucre (dosh or cash) - it's actually up to $749.00 for unlimited VINs!

I just switched off the dashboard service light and set a new service reminder on my K1300GT, scanned and cleared some basic codes on both my R1150RT and K1200GT Brick, and discovered I had a tank vent issue with one of my K1200R. That'd have been a bundle, individually, down the local Beemer dealer.

Total cost, US$108

The app software upgrades (to your level of service) from MotoScan are ongoing and free. I had a technical question for MotoScan and was answered satisfactorily via email in under an hour from Germany...

Check these links:




1977 R75/7-R100 black, '87 K100RS red, '93 K11-K12 aka 'Big Block' black, '96 K1100RS black, '98 K1200RS red, '09 K1300GT red, & 2013 R1200RT-Polizia black & white.


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