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Pat O'D

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Help Please?

Doing some work on my 1991 K100LT (money pit) replaced leaking main seal, changed the Gearbox with another used one, so far so good. About a month ago while waiting for oil seal to arrive I drained the oil, and so as not to loose the sump plug screwed it back on to the sump.

Today removed the sump plug and (whoosh), out of the sump comes about 1/2 pint of coolant. My dilemma. have I got a water/oil pump problem or perhaps head gasket problems. is there any way I can check to confirm the problem.



1991 K100LT Red (VIN 0191558) 138000 Miles


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more than likely water- oil pump seal .....check the breather tube at the front of the sump for blockage first ,,,,,(they often are ) having said that it is more usual that there is oil in the water system under these circumstances ....
good luck !

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