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Hi everyone,been busy lately. On vacation this week getting a much riding as I can. Too much rain this year I think a bit unusual.
Fixed blinkers seems it just needed new oil lol,about 160 bucks worth.
just recently after forging some water my neutral light is staying on almost all the time in any gear. Could you tell me where the switch is located? Would appreciate it. take care.


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It's behind the swingarm pivot. You can see it, but you can't get at it without dropping the swingarm out. Unfortunately, there's a bit of further bad news too: the switch is held in with two 4mm (8mm AF) bolts which may or may not be rusted solid. The fact that water has got in means that if you're lucky, the inside of the switch will dry out again. Truthfully, I'd be inclined to wait a while longer before going after the switch.

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Here you can see the gearswitch on picture 1
On the left side, with the cable going up.
On pictures 2 you see the gearswitch cable going out the gearbox.
neutral light? <a href=neutral light? Image25" />

neutral light? <a href=neutral light? Image26" />

I would first check the cable if there is any contact issue.
It is on the right side.

1. Gear: yellow-dark blue=No PIEP, yellow-black=PIEP, yellow-white=PIEP
Neutral: yellow-dark blue=PIEP, yellow-black=PIEP, yellow-white=PIEP
2. Gear: yellow-dark blue=PIEP, yellow-black=no PIEP, yellow-white=PIEP
3. Gear: yellow-dark blue=No PIEP, yellow-black=No PIEP, yellow-white=PIEP
4. Gear: yellow-dark blue=PIEP, yellow-black=PIEP, yellow-white=No PIEP
5. Gear: yellow-dark blue=No PIEP, yellow-black=PIEP, yellow-white=no PIEP

The gearswitch counts digital up, equivalent yellow-dark blue 2^0, yellow-black 2^1 and yellow-white 2^2 equivalent.

neutral light? <a href=neutral light? Image24" />


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Have a read of this and test the GPSw at that side connector seen in Chocolate's last pic above. Its common for the switch to get water in it and corrosion develops.
Also, test for earth connectivity back thru the harness (brown wire to earth).


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