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Maybe worth a look into , a 3 wheeled Kafe .

"(Quote Al-58) There was a business for sale in Vic a few months back.  Yamaha SR500, sidecar and a trailer for storing the supplies/refigeration.  There was also another unit in the build as part of the deal, I think the second was a Guzzi of some sort.  Looking for $40,000 for the lot.

Other than being different and a talking point it also gave them access to sites where conventional vans couldnt fit."

I'm only aware of two motorcycle cafes operating in Oz, 
Crank Coffee in Victoria , possibly the one Al noticed for sale .
Kafe3 - Kafe or Koffee Crank_10

and MotoKaf, who operate in Perth . They provided the necessary refreshments on the Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre .
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These two are based on utilising a chair for the coffee setup , Crank use the bike seat to serve from . 

My thoughts are to use the base of the sidecar with a lightweight alloy frame mounted on it .
 Which gives the opportunity to double the servery area and give a larger storage space underneath .
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Kafe3 - Kafe or Koffee Kafe_313

In our state , a trailer with single axle weighing not more than 250kg is the cheapest to rego , @ $65 per annum . These are generally used as golf cart buggy"s .
Plenty of width , and usually have a ramp or tilt access, with about 2400mm in length of the tray , 
I'm thinking this should be more than enough for a K bike with sidecar frame .
Additional supplies can be carried in the car , or on the trailer , without burdening the Bike and sidecar .
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As my options are limited for Blue , and not wanting it to waste away , this is my hairbrain thought at the moment .

Like anything , you need to put the research in , to find your market niche . 
size of outings is the most important , you need a good prospective market , at least 100 servings per event/day .
then a matter of what can you carry to the venue , my guess would be to trailer the rig in , enabling additional supplies to be carried .
Trailering also provides for the least amount of wear and tear on the rig , given that many venues are secluded.
The MotoKaf required towing during the Red Centre ride due to breakdown .Not something you want to be doing too often , let alone at all.
I'm thinking the $40,000 is because , like Seanni's rig it is a roadworthy outfit , fully engineered and registered on road . 
Cut out the formalities of engineering and rego , cart it on a trailer to site , once on site , there should be no legal requirement of roadworthiness,
 as long as your business insurance covers for liabilities on private property.
Cover yourself with the appropriate licences ( food and Beverages etc) , ABN ( Business rego) and insurances, some market research, and the fact that we have an abundance of rallies on our doorstep, can't see why not . Even if it was a labour of love ( for the K that is ). 
So with a spare non - roadworthy K like Ol'Blue , which requires a minor strip down of fairings , and a touch up with bling , this is a possible restoration project .

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It'd never work for me.

I'd tell everyone to bugger off (politest possible way for an Ozzie to ask you to leave immediately) and drink all of the coffee!  What a rush!

But it's worth having a shot at it. geddit...Shot!?!  I crack myself up sometimes.

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Love it Mr Blakey Love it.
Ed you gonna be awfully popular at any rally you turn up at. he he.
The Maitland Loffee meetings at your place right????????????? hehe

Oh I'd do a trike Loffeevan Ed

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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
Ed if you ride the bike in stead of taking it on a trailer, you could open the bar on the side of the road. The K bike 'cooling' system will provide enough heat to make the Koffee and you will be able to bake the skons on the exhaust pipes.
Just another way to get the business more profitable.  Very Happy

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