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My son and I have a 91 K100rs that has been stored for many years. He is getting married soon and as one of my presents to him I have decided to get the bike running in good condition again. I pulled it out of storage to find everything in the gas tank to be junk.

I replaced the fuel pump,filter, lines and sending unit. I then rebuilt the front master cylinder and installed a new battery. It had new tires four years ago when put away inside so those seem fine.The bike starts and runs great. But I have an ABS light that wont go out even at speed.

I purchased a code reader and reset the abs and the motronic unit. The ABS wont reset and was flashing a code 6 (ABS relay) until I tried to reset the ABS and now it flashes a code 7 (ABS computer). I recently had carpel tunnel surgery and as my hand is done for the day I was hoping someone could help tell me common things to look for at this point so I have some idea where to start when my hand recovers again!

Thanks so much for any thought you can give me!


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Step 1: Make sure you're using a good, fully charged battery.  ABS brains can be finicky otherwise.

More here:

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