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Originally posted this to 'general discussion' but it seems it would be better placed here

I have an 85 K100RS, and the petrol sending unit works, but the cap that screws into the tank broke, and is leaking gas. I will take a picture, but basically, the bottom blew out under the pressure against the tank. See this link for the type of sending unit i have

It is discontinued so i am having trouble finding a replacement, not to mention they are over $100 USD where they are listed. I'm wondering is anyone has run into this, and come up with a fix. As mentioned, the part 'works' but leaks gas. I've tried the QuickSteel tank repair kit, designed for plastic gas tanks. it held for a couple days, then failed. I tried epoxy before that, but it failed. My problem now is, what started as a crack in a half circle around the bottom, has spread, then spread again, and now the whole bottom broke off. I will say, it was a clean break, in a circle, around the bottom, so i think i can repair it. Just curious if there are any products people have used, or good solutions someone has come up with.

The only other solution i'm contemplating, is having a machine shop make a new cap out of metal with a hole in the bottom for my probe part, and see if i can sandwich that in with two o rings to make it work.



yes this is the early sender type , designed for the early tanks  where the pump and sender cabling is near the front of the tank
later series use the float type sender (and is wired though near the back of tank )

I haven't seen a suitable replacement parts commonly available for the early series without taking  the expensive option .

non the less perhaps someone in Europe has a second hand part ?

motor works in gb list as a secondhand part the sender also , perhaps in better condition ?

good luck

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