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My K100 will not start and I am working trough CF troubleshooter. Tested the hall sensors today and the test failed. Now the question is if it is the sensors that are broken or the wiring from the plug to the sensors. Does anybody know how to measure the continuity between the plug and the sensors without having to take of the sensors and discontect the wiring. In the troubleshooter it is not really clear to me wich wire goes to wich point of the sensors.
thanks, M


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hall sensor wiring Hall_s10
hall sensor wiring Boigns10

So the question is if the black, red and green wire is connected with A, B or C.
If I know this then I can measure the continuity from the plug to point A,B or C.


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Inge K.

Inge K.
Hope this helps.

hall sensor wiring Chyme10

It's Chinese copy (Chyme 56).....from
It doesn't match with the drawing in your post (with 12V- in the middle,
just as in BMW's own diagrams...which I'll guess is the basis for the drawing).
But on the other hand the drawing doesn't make sense either, as it must
be two different sensors as one is a mirror image of the other.
Unless I misunderstand something (happens all the time).
But it does match with the colour order on the sensors used by Bosch
which can be seen on the EME page where your pic originates.

It could be that the colour order have been changed during the years
(but I doubt it).
The sensors which was used back then was made by Honeywell,
which is NLA these days.
Difficult to know which sensors Bosch using these days.

Here is the datasheet from Honeywell, which using the same colour order.

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Inge K.
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If you want to check continuity you will have to remove the plate from the engine so you can get to the wires on the back.  Then you can use a needle to pierce the insulation to check continuity.  Use the thinnest needle you can find to minimize the damage to the insulation.

As long as each wire at the plate has continuity to a pin on the connector I wouldn't worry about which color goes where. 

What is more important is to do a functional test of the sensors by applying power to them and observing whether they change output state when a piece of steel is moved through the gap.

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