BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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The first BMW I purchased did not come with the Pichler Fairings attached. They had been freshly painted and were very pretty. However the seller and painter was not the original owner of the bike. He purchased it at an auction from a guy who was from Germany. The bike was German, with even the lettering on the bike in German. It was different according to the BMW dealer I took it to from the US version of the K100 with slightly more horse power. 

I had to make my own mounting hardware to install the Pichler fairings. I lived in Pikesville, Maryland at the time and you didn't see too many motorcyclist in that neck of the woods. Plenty of Doctors, Lawyers, Scientist, and Technologist like myself, but hardly anyone owned a motorcycle. My good neighbors seemed fascinated when I would work on my motorcycles and would often ask questions about the bikes:)

Those were fun times. A beautiful area, I enjoyed working on my bike in my backyard in the summer. 1985 BMW K100 with a partial Pichler Racing Fairing 212902

When I commute back to Maryland for work, I sometimes pass through my old neighborhood. Motorcycles are everywhere now:)  I think I gave people bike fever and a taste of how fun and satisfying riding a motorcycle can be:)


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